Payment and Health Insurance

The services provided by the MC “Lorna” can be payed in any convienient way by:

  • cash;
  • credit card;
  • health insurance certificate.

The details of the payment, prices, paid services and services partially paid from the Health Insurance Budget, tests are provided by the “Lorna” Reception Staff.

The discounts are given to disabled and retired customers!

Health Insurance

We cooperate with private insurance companies to meet your convienience. The MC „Lorna“ are accepted by private large health insurance companies, which pay medical costs. You should tell the „Lorna“ Reception Staff and your doctor which insurance company you are insured with, if your insurance company requires the issue of the doctor‘s reference.

The services provided by the Medical Centre to the patients insured by the private companies are paid in compliance with the Insurance Agreement Conditions signed between the Patient and the Company. If the Insurance Company unables to pay all the costs, the Patien shall compensate the rest of the costs. The Patient shall pay for the services provided immediately after they have been provided.

Please call the MC telephone 8 700 77717 or apply to reception to get more details concerning insurance payment services.