The ginecologist consults on the family planning questions, identifies the sexual infections, identifies and treats infertility, violations of the menstrual cycle and violations occured during the menopause time (the climacteric period).

To diagnose the gynecological diseases, it is required to take a swab, to do the bimanual test, oncological and cytological tests and the other main and secondary clinical tests (cervical colposcopy, vaginal echoscopy).

The consultation includes echoscopy and colposcopy of the uteris and its appendages (uteris cervical), oncological and cytological tests (PAP) and smear. Provided a reference issued by the family doctor, the consultation given by a obstetrician and gynecologist and echoscopy procedure are free. In this case the patients shall pay only for a swab and other tests the prices for which are specified in the the MC „Lorna“ Price List.

The pregnant women who are registered in “Lorna” are provided with the echoscopy of their fetus and fetal assessment.

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