Treatment Swimming-Pool

Water exercises are one of the effective means to restore and improve health, to remove stress and provide care for body!

In the Medical Centre „Lorna“ the swimming-pool of therapathy is additionally supplied to the services provided by the MC in the area of physical medicine and health restoration. Water exercises and swimming are suitable for everyone but vitally recommended for people who suffer from back and rheumatic pains and bad back bearing. Swimming is irreplaceable while restoring the health. Swimming is rather required to restore the health in case of injury. The swimming exercises are the best ones for developing physical body and restoring the health. The exercises provide both relaxing and getting away tiredness.

The swimming-pool is equipped with:

  • 4 massage beds;
  • 2 water cascades;
  • 2 large underwater jets;
  • Many small jets;
  • 2 water geysers;
  • Attachments for back and neck (2 pulling trapezes );
  • Other medical equipment for treating.

The temperature in the swimming pool is 29-30°C (in accordance with EC directive on health standards).

The set of water exercises is well complied with turkish and infrared saunas where the aroma, light health care procedures and inhaliation are provided.

Provided the regular going to such saunas, the content of holesterin in blood is reduced, the walls of blood vessels are strengthened and consequently the risk for heart and blood vessel deseases goes down. The blood circulation is improved, tissue is supplied with oxygen and feeding substances, injuries, breaks, contusions are healed for a shorter period, bruise resorbtion is accelerated. Consequently, immunitive system is strengthened and the organism resistance is increased. Much sweating makes the work of kidneys easy and blood pressure normal, decreases the rate of catching the cold symptoms, abates rheumatic pains especially in shoulders, neck and in the small of back and during the period for women. The pleasant warmth gets the nerves down, improves sleeping and decreases stresses. The saunas are good for preventing every kind of deasease and improving the whole body state.

Children and grown-ups are arranged into swimming-pool groups to train swimming.

In the swimming-pool we do the rehabilitation exercises (water kinezitherapethy). The rehabilitation exercises (water kinezitherapethy) are the exercises to be done under the eye of a kinezitherapist. The active aerobics exercises are done in the water using the special attachments. Using the flowing attchments to flow on the water surface the patient does the exercise in the right way to increase the movement amplitute of leg joints resulting in increasing the water resistance.

Treatment effects: the leg joints are not loaded much while being under the water. It is good for those who cannot do sports due to rheumatic pains. Following the exercise the rheumatic pains are abated, the back bearing gets better, muscles get strengthened, the blood circulation and substances exchange are improved, immunity gets stronger.

The rehabilitation exercises are designed for patients who are prescribed to undergo physical and rehabilitation treatments as well as for those who want to do the exercises under the eye of the kinezitherapist.

The rehabilitation training last 1 hour, 45 minutes of which involves kinezitherapist and 15 minutes are for sole swimming in the pool.

No prescription or reference issued by rehabilitologist or physiotherapist is required to those who want to undergo the rehabilitation exercises procedure but the advice of the family doctor or FMR doctor is recommended to avoid contrindication if occurs.

Individual training is also provided.

Next to the swimming-pool there is a reception area the staff of which provide you with required information, advice or help, if necessary, as well as with any other addiotional services.

The reception staff serve oxygen cocktails of different tastes. It is a vital product to compensate the lack of oxygen in the organism. A small portion (amount) of oxygen cocktail is equal to good walking in the open air.

Cusmomers, patients and everyone coming to the MC are welcome either to locally have coffee, tea or take away these hot drinks.

Preliminary signing-in is required to come to water training. Please let us know about your coming or not coming to training.

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