The following services are provided:

  • Dental fillings. Aesthetic fillings when the tooth forms, size and colour are required to improve.
  • Treatment and anasthesia. The grown-up tooth and its roots are treated and additionally X-rayed;
  • Prosthetics. The advance technologies and means of prosthetics. We insert the fully spitting image of a tooth, make crown metal, plates and prosthetic dental bridges with supports;
  • Surgeon emergency;
  • Oral care provided professionally (tooth whitening and removal of tartars). The advanced materials are used to whiten teeth and the ultrasonic scaler to remove dental tartars.
  • The MC „Lorna“ dentists provide the microscopic dental services.


Erika Blekaitienė

8 606 96717
1 floor, 3 room

Neringa Skiotienė

8 611 24781
1 floor, 1 room
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Evaldas Gedaminas

8 640 88944
4 floor, next to Synlab laboratory
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Simona Kaktavičienė

Odontologist (OPL-02703)
8 614 52 952