Water Aerobics

We arrange water aerobics training. The water aerobics is very usefull for the human organism. Water is the ideal environment to do physical exercises. The water exercises are the means to prevent and treat many deseass and therefore are good both to healthy people and ones who suffer from pains in back and small part of the back, joints, to treat people after injuries and following orthopedic operations. The water aerobics contributes much to body training, strengthens the muscle, improves substances exchange, makes the blood circulation better and improves overall health.

The exercises done under the water stimulate the blood circulation, help the body to efficiently absorb oxygen, stimulate the brain activity, make blood pressure normal and reduce the stress affect on heart. Therefore these exercises are very good to people with heart problems, blood deseases, insufficient brain blood flow, high blood pressure and in case of depression and stress.

The peculiarity of water aerobics is that that any potential risk (injury, streching and angles) is minimum since physical exercises load affected on backbone and joints are less in water. Such training is very good to people who cannot do sports in a gym due to pain in the backbone and joints. This is the best way for beginners to fell more cheerful, stronger and more active.

The water aerobics is very useful to the body since it enables to:

  • strengthen heart;
  • produce the effect of massage;
  • improve the blood circulation, solve the problem of phlebeurysm;
  • eliminate tiredness (fatigue);
  • relax, relieve depression;
  • strengthen the immunitive system;
  • develops breathing;
  • develop endurance and muscle;
  • improve metabolism;
  • get the nervous system calm and improve the brain activity;
  • improve oxygen uptake and increase lung capacity;
  • improve the coordination of movements;
  • return the cofidence in their own strength;
  • solve the problem of access weight;
  • restore the body after injury;
  • solve the problems of joints and backbone;
  • improve the body posture;
  • eliminate cellulite by massaging the connective tissue.

Water Aerobics for Pregnants

The water kinezitherapethy is applied both for many diseases and normal physiological process, namely, pregnancy and considered as one of the most effective obstetrical treatment and prevention means. Pregnancy causes a lot of changes in the woman‘s body, bones and muscle including physical and emotional ones. Being pregnant the woman puts up weight. When the stomach grows it changes the posture of the woman and consequently her centre of gravity changes. The heavy breast makes the woman arch her back and its upper part which leads to increasing the lumbar bump. The increasing load puts on joints and ligaments. Due to changed posture the lower part of the back and shoulders hurt and groin pulls down. The exercises for pregnants done every day reduce these pains, rise the mood and do not allow muscle to get flabby.

The pregnant women who are not under risk group, are allowed to do sport under small and medium load and moreover it is safe for the fetus.

The medium load produces a positive impact on the health of the pregnant woman and strengthens the muscles of back, stomach and pelvic which are vitally required during childbirth. The exercises done regularly are to avoid health problems, heart diseases, high blood pressure, diabetes, osteporosis, obesity, depression and are to produce energy, good mood, improves posture, increase the muscle tone, strength and endurance.

The physical exercises activate the placental blood flow, supply oxygen to the body, improve metabolism, flexibility, improve the muscle tone, strength and coordination, supply blood to legs and arms. The water pressure is useful for the body, metabolism and lymphatic are improved. The swelling in the arm and legs is decreased. The swimming and breathing exercises prepare women for childbirth.

The pregnant women should do the water aerobics exercises only when they feel well. The woman should stop the training in case of pain. The aerobics for pregnants are done under the eye of experts. The aerobics may facilitate the childbirth and postpartum recovery.

Please first advise your family doctor or gynecologist. In case of no contraindications, please come to the water training.

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